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Founded 30 Nov -0001

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About the team

TXB/KND/SS/MMC is on the hunt for a toplaner, midlaner and ADC in our quest for greatness in the Maldivian League of Legends scene! If you're a passionate and skilled player with a burning desire to get better, this is your golden opportunity!

What TXB offers:

???? A Competitive Edge: Join a team of dedicated individuals who share your passion for League of Legends.
???? Effective Communication: We value teamwork and coordination, making our games not only fun but also highly strategic.
???? Exposure: Showcase your skills in local and regional tournaments, and build your reputation as part of our elite team.

???? Rank: Platinum or above (flexible based on individual performance).
????️ Clear Communication: We value clear and effective communication during matches.
???? Strategic Thinking: Be ready to outsmart your opponents with calculated plays.
???? Team Player: We're a family, and we want you to be part of it!
Special note: Candidates with disabilities will be given priority as we are an ethical team, practicing social inclusivity

If you're ready to write history with TXB and be part of our continued success, reach out to us today.

Meet the Roster

Our roster our pride all on one place