Winners of Cheese Ramadan League Tournament 2024

Posted by angel April 11, 2024 in ESPORTSGAMINGNEWS

After two week long Ramadan tournament, we have finally gotten our winners! CONGRATULATIONS to team KIDS NEXT DOOR for being the grand champions of this years Cheese Ramadan League Tournament! РThis is their 2nd win in a tournament this year!

Our Runner-up has fought long and hard. Being the underdogs in the first week, though they have come a long way – SNOWFLAKE.

Our 3rd Place Winners have consistently shown their talent in the rift – KYS SQUAD!

Our Sponsor – Wood Haven has chosen below winners of their choosing based on the best Top, Mid, Jungler, ADC and Support as well!

Hope you all enjoyed the stream and thank you all for supporting me through out the whole tournament streams. I hope to see you all next year in Ramadan with Cheese League Again!

Special Thanks to:

Sponsor: Wood Haven

President of Cheese League: Cheese

Posters: PyoPyo – Catcootie


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